Building Education for the Commons

A New Year’s message from our President, Alain Badiou

Some words of the honorary President of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS)

President, Alain Badiou lecturing in a GCAS seminar (Summer, 2014)

President, Alain Badiou lecturing in a GCAS seminar (Summer, 2014)

For this new year, and as a President of GCAS, I want recall to all our students and faculty that what is important is to keep in mind the very essence of our school: not to accumulate some knowledge for finding a place in the world as it is, even if to know the world is useful and to find a place a necessity. But to learn what is a true thinking for changing the world under the principles of equality and priority of the common good against the present dictatorship of private property and individual satisfaction. For us, a new year will be a victorious one if in our minds as in the objective situations our active thinking is confronted to a progress in this direction. I hope that our school will be a new and vivid support for 2015 being a victorious year.

Alain Badiou  

To register and study with Alain Badiou this spring and in the fall please follow this link: https://globalcenterforadvancedstudies.org/spring-2015-registration/  

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