Building Education for the Commons

Imagine a University run by Professors

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 12.20.29 PMImagine, a university run by professors in the form of direct democracy.  Imagine a university with more professors than administrators (who function, as they do in the Neoliberal academy, as puppets for the wealthy Boards of Trustees).  Imagine a university committed to global justice, democracy, education access for all social, ethnic, and economic classes.  Imagine debt free (and ultimately free) education.  Imagine a university who sided with the environment and not greedy corporations.  Imagine entering into spaces of empowerment.  Imagine professors and researchers uniting with workers, and workers with researchers and professors.  Imagine a school educating researchers about how to dismantle patriarchy with a constructive praxis created through itself.

If you can imagine this, then you should consider joining The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) where our dreams are materializing into realities.  Join us!

NOTE:  GCAS is not a university, but we are organizing to become one.  If you’d like to help be part of what we’re doing please email:  <info@thegcas.com>.  Thank you!


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