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Featured Faculty: Prof. Adrian Parr

Prof. A. Parr

Prof. A. Parr

Dr. Adrian Parr is an Australian-born philosopher and cultural critic. A specialist on the French continental philosopher Gilles Deleuze, she has published on the sustainability movement, climate change politics, activist culture, and creative practice.

She is currently an Associate Professor Department of Sociology & School of Architecture and Interior Design.

Rarely do you find a professor who is at once a leading thinker and a serious activist.  Prof. Adrian Parr is an extraordinary example of both.  This is what makes her thinking, her publications and articles so trusting.  When you read them, when you catch the internal beauty of her prose, you know every word is there behind which there is an unshakable conviction.  This is so refreshing as too often we find intellectuals who may write, and even write beautifully, but however beautiful their words may be, finally you sense a lack of conviction that lurks behind the “style” and, in the end, you realize you cannot trust their words.

This fall, Professor Parr lectured in the GCAS series, “Philosophy & the Political: Perspectives on the Future of Democracy” in which she rehearsed the main texts and figures from which she draws inspiration.  And in the process of this lecture she also, ever so naturally, drew equally upon her experience as an activist and as an intellectual in search for social change.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.02.27 PMWhich leave us to wonder, what is the meaning of the lips on the wall behind her? (see picture).  Who’s lips are they, and what does this “kiss” represent?  Is a mysterious, unknown and perhaps an invisible goddess floating around her desk?  Could it be Athena, the goddess of wisdom who gives her a portion of immortal inspiration?  Or could it be a ghost, a muse, a trace that figures and materializes around about her?  Perhaps we are left only to speculate, but for now that is enough.

Thank you, Professor Parr for being part of GCAS, it is an honor.

Prof. Parr  has written many books including:

The Wrath of Capital: Neoliberalism and Climate Change Politics (New York: Columbia UP).

Exploring the Work of Leonardo da Vinci within the Context of Contemporary Philosophical Thought and Art. New York: Edwin Mellen Press.

The Deleuze Dictionary. New York: Columbia UP.

Parr, Adrian & Ian Buchanan (eds.)

Deleuze and the Contemporary World. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.

Deleuze and Memorial Culture. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.

Parr, Adrian (2009). Hijacking Sustainability. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Learn more about Prof. Parr here.

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