Building Education for the Commons

What Makes GCAS Different?

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.02.27 PMWhat makes the Global Center for Advanced Studies different?

(a) We’re not a narrowly focused school organized around a ghettoized “camp” or “trend” that only fragments solidarity and unity.  We believe in a rigorous, materialist pedagogy grounded in academic freedom guided by caring mentors and encouragement in a context of a community committed to learning, empowerment, and activism

(b) We believe all students are researchers–searching for truths and wisdom, not just abstract knowledge.  Knowledge shouldn’t be used to dominate, but used to form healthy relations. Theory & Praxis must be intimately connected

(c) We want to breakdown the walls protected by academic jargon.  We offer a variety of learning opportunities including Workshops, Series, Seminars/Courses, Interventions

(d) We are committed to making a social impact and real change

(e) We believe in a school founded on the “commons” that is, a public foundation open to all.

(f) We believe in a debt free education (and, in time, with the support from donations, grants, etc., we could easily make education free for all people)

(g) We are a not-for-profit (we don’t seek money we want change)

(h) We are wholly independent and never serve the interests of corporate or greedy business ideology

To join, please REGISTER todayScreen Shot 2015-01-11 at 11.04.24 AM


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