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GCAS–Growing Stronger–An Update–Our Challenge



For organisms to grow they must invariably pass through transitions. Fyodor Dostoevsky penned one of the greatest novels ever written, The Brothers Karamazovthat opens with this Epigraph: “Truly, Truly, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. (John 12:24)”  

Public education, as we know it, especially in North America and in Great Britain, either already has been supplanted by business ideology or very soon will be.  This ideology has turned students into customers and faculty into salesmen and women who are reduced to selling a product that the university packages up in exchange for profit.  The direct and indirect effects this business-cum-education for profit model has had on the actual learning environment are devastating.  Learning is now measured in terms of monetary use-value that only serves the interest of a very narrow and dangerous elite corporate ideology imposed on us.

This model must be confronted.

Alternatives must be created by intellectuals and students alike in order to bring back the integrity and quality of learning so that ideas, history, empirical studies, and so forth, give us courage to create a new and different world that seeks democratic public participation, justice, equality, and the principles that build our sustainable future life together.

This is the raison d’etre of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS).  Our strength is not found in a several hundred million dollar endowment as with most universities.  Our strength is found not in money, but in the power of our community, of our principles for academic freedom and respect, and our destiny for which we strive: a just society shared equally with all humans (and not by an extreme minority of the 1%).

This is why the GCAS organizers are not mesmerized by fantasy, they are doing the concrete work to birth a school that offers the highest quality education in the world, debt free.  And this possibility is already a concrete reality.  With each day, we have grown stronger.  This is why we would like to update you on our main transition we are going through at the moment.

As we move towards accreditation, we must organize our school through the best possible pedagogical model.  This is why we are near the end of the process of transitioning away from courses based in Facebook groups to courses organization within our website.  This is a crucial and monumental step forward, one that cost us precious resources and six-months of planning and work.

We are honored to be on this path with each of you and invite all to join in our efforts to create an alternative to the neoliberal regime that has compromised the very core of learning and education.

As our esteemed professor, Dr. Sigrid Hackenberg has brilliantly stated, “GCAS is a beautiful work of art, it is an artwork in the making.”  We’re not going to be functioning on the level of a full-blown university with all their resources backing them, from the start.  A master painter can’t produce art from fantasy, she must work to bring it to life.  It will take us a long time to become accredited, but, in the meanwhile, we ask you to join with us on this most amazing and beautiful artwork that together we can give back to our world.  Take part in our certificate and diploma programs and grow, risk being alive and fighting against the zombie culture that education has become in our time.  We have the best faculty in the world to guide and inspire us.  Together we can build a extraordinary education for the commons, for all.

Register: https://globalcenterforadvancedstudies.org/spring-2015-registration/

If you have a GCASmoodle account you can enroll for classes here:http:/http://moodle.globalcenterforadvancedstudies.org//

Please consider helping our cause by donating even just $1.  All donations will be used towards our accreditation application.

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