Building Education for the Commons

GCAS–Giving birth to a Community Committed to Change

GCAS--Forming the Base

GCAS–Forming the Base

Communities come in all shapes, sizes.  Their identity is defined by a common purpose, a desire that guides its destiny.  The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) is a young community and although it started more than a year ago, it wasn’t until committed members from all parts of the world came together for our summer institute in July 2015 that a core base was solidified.

From this base we organized, and together we overcame challenges.  Our desire and determination kept us focused on our destiny: To create a school committed to providing the highest quality education for all people, debt-free.  It is a community that is unique and composed of different voices from all walks of life.  By organizing we have learned trust and commitment and created space for all members to give their gifts freely.  Through this experience all of our lives have been enhanced, meaning has been given.

Our community is composed and united virtually and physically meeting up via GCAS online and in meet-ups from Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia and Africa.  We’re working on Antarctica for our “Polar Series” hahaha!

The GCAS "Organizer" Michael D Wassell

The GCAS “Organizer” Michael D Wassell

From this base other organizations have alighted including our Researchers’ (Student) Union directed by Michael D Wassell.  If you would like to be part of birthing a school and contributing to our community we invite you with open arms.

The lesson we have all learned is that only by working together for a non-profit school do we have a chance of creating something so special, the gift of inclusion.  And in the process much meaning and value emerges from within our destiny.

If you would like to join us please contact Michael at <michael.d.wassell@thegcas.com>.

Please check-out our courses, seminars, series, & workshops for the Spring.

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