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GCAS Spring Course Offerings: Registration Now Open

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) is proud to announce our Spring Course offerings.
GCAS President, Badiou & M. Foucault

GCAS President, Badiou & M. Foucault

We have transitioned away from Facebook groups and are now working solely within our website with Moodle & Big Blue Button.  These courses are offered on-line in a live and interactive virtual classroom so that students (we call them “researchers”) can actively engage with the material, with professors and with other researchers.
Here’s how it works:
First, please create a Researcher’s Account via Moodle.  https://globalcenterforadvancedstudies.org/spring-2015-registration/
Unlike most other schools, universities, and institutions, your registration is free.
Second, Once you have created your GCAS account you can then register for Courses, Series, Seminars and Workshops within GCAS.
Course Offerings
“Badiou & Philosophy” with GCAS President, Alain Badiou & Prof. Daniel Tutt
“Deconstruction Series” with Jean-Luc Nancy (GCAS Director of Media Studies), and Prof. Giovanni Tusa
“Ecological Thinking in Art” with Prof. Rebecca Weisman
“The Nows and Thens of Queer Theory” with Prof. Michael O’Rourke
“Resistance, Protests, & Social Struggles” with Prof. Daniel TuttJoshua Clover, & Farhang Erfani
“Exploring the Need for a ‘New Academy'” with Prof. Creston Davis
“Cultural Hermeneutics” with Prof. Creston Davis
“Communism 2.0” with Prof. David Allen
“Michel Foucault: Subjectivity & Truth, The Hermeneutics of the Subject or Taking Care of the Self” with Foucault’s student Prof. David Allen
“The Architecture of Gilles Deleuze’s Thought” with Dorothea Olkowski
You may wish to become familiar with Big Blue Button via a Tutorial 
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