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Degreeless Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker Attacks Professors for Not Working Hard Enough

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Attacks Professors

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Attacks Professors

Anytime a State governor attacks professors we should ask where this attack comes from, and why?  Today Politico.com posted a story in which Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker said,  professors need to work hard by “teaching more classes and doing more work.”

“Maybe it’s time for faculty and staff to start thinking about teaching more classes and doing more work and this authority frees up the [University of Wisconsin] administration to make those sorts of requests,” Walker (R) said Wednesday on Milwaukee radio station WTMJ.

What makes this interesting is that Governor Walker doesn’t even have a college degree.  These statements are yet another wave of Neoliberalism trying to crush all opposition to its agenda.  Education certainly represents a space in which neoliberal policies can be challenged, but since the Reagan administration in the 1980s public funding to universities has been cut dramatically from over 70% to, in some cases, less than 10%.  This lack of funding to universities had to be made up somewhere and this explains why tuitions costs have skyrocketed to over 1000% since the late 70s.

What does that means?  More and more working class and middle class students can’t afford a college degree.  This attack thus not only disrespects faculty and staff at University of Wisconsin, but marks another attack on the working class people of that state.

This is why we started The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS).  More and more university education is compromised and out of reach for the average American.  We seek to change that.

Please consider supporting our school where we’re making education with the best minds in the world possible, debt free.

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