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Prof. Thomas S. Popkewitz Joins GCAS

Thomas S. Popkewitz

Thomas S. Popkewitz

We are honored to announce that Prof. Thomas S. Popkewitz has joined our faculty. Prof. Popkewitz joins GCAS as we are organizing the best education curriculum ever assembled via Maria Nikolakaki and the Institute for Critical Pedagogy.  We look forward to sharing that with you.

Welcome, Professor Popkewitz!

Professor Thomas S. Popkewitz is Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Popkewitz draws on the work of philosopher Michel Foucault already in 1988.  In his works, the knowledge of education is an issue of power as productive, as shaping, and in circulation rather than a simplistic concept of power envisioned as negative, juridical, sovereign, and static.

Selected Books

  • Popkewitz, T. (ed.) (2013). Rethinking the history of education: An intercontinental perspective on the questions, methods and knowledge of schools. New York: Palgrave MacMillan. (in press).
  • Tröhler, D., Popkewitz, T., & Labaree D. (eds.) (2011). Schooling and the Making of Citizens in the Long Nineteenth Century Comparative Visions. New York: Routledge.
  • Popkewitz T., & Rizvi, F. (eds.). (2009). Globalization and the study of education (108 Yearbook. Vol 2). Chicago: National Society for the Study of Education.
  • Popkewitz, T. (2008). Cosmopolitanism and the age of school reform: Science, education and making society by making the child. New York: Routledge. (This book has been translated into Portuguese and Swedish and translated and published in Spanish [Morata]).
  • Popkewitz, T., Olsson, U., Petersson, K. & Kowalczyk, J. eds. (2006) ’The future is not what it appears to be’ Pedagogy, Geneaology and Political Epistemology in Honor and in Memorial to Kenneth Hultqvist. Stockholm: Stockholm Institute of Education Press.
  • Popkewitz, T. (Ed.) (2005). Inventing the modern self and John Dewey: Modernities and the traveling of pragmatism in education. Palgrave Macmillan Press.
  • Lindblad, S. & Popkewitz, T. S. (Eds.) (2004). Educational restructuring: International perspectives on traveling policies. New York: Information Age Publishers.
  • Popkewitz, T. (Ed.) (2000). Educational knowledge: Changing relationships between the state, civil society, and the educational community. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press.
  • Popkewitz, T. & Fendler, L. (Eds.) (1999). Critical theories in education: Changing terrains of knowledge and politics. New York: Routledge.
  • Popkewitz, T. (1998). Struggling for the soul: The politics of schooling and the construction of the teacher. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Popkewitz, T. & Brennan, M. (Eds.) (1998). Foucault’s Challenge: Discourse, knowledge, and power in education. New York: Teachers College Press. (Translated and published in Spain)
  • Popkewitz, T. (1991). A political sociology of educational reform: Power/knowledge in teaching, teacher education and research. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Popkewitz, Thomas S. (1984). Paradigm and ideology in educational research: Social functions of the intellectual. London: Falmer Press. (Paradigma e ideología en investigación educative. A. Ballesteros, trans. Madrid: Mondadori, 1984).

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