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There is Another World: A Fragment

“There is Another World”

A Fragment by Creston Davis

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.12.49 PMHistory repeats itself, time and time again.  History and time are bound up together like identical twins.  Time’s repetition unfolds and events emerge from out of this repeating pattern.  We are molded as human subjects to accept this repetition, to not question it.  How dare us question Chronos the god of time.  We accept our condition as one devoid of the quest, of the questioning of the mechanical reproduction of the world.  We are told by the bureaucratic technicians to keep our head down, to not look up!  “Do not bother yourself with such questions, they will tire you out, and besides, there is no answer to them. Just keep paying your bills and be part of the unquestionable machine.”

But for some of us such pieces of advice do not match up with our desires, our passions that have become for us the very point of existence itself.  We cannot help but to question and to wonder if another world is possible.  And what trouble we get ourselves into when our passions are pursued like a lover chasing after his or her beloved.  No time or distance in the vast expanse of the universe known and unknown can quench a lovers’ desire for his beloved.  What is that force, that power that cannot be stopped?  Not even death can put an end to a lover’s desire?  Ah, my dear comrade, this is a power!  Now that is a force so strong and infinite that once discovered cannot be satisfied or redirected.  It is a force to be contended with!  It is a force whose origin comes from a different world than the one premised on war, on egotistical power, and of the demoralizing realization that one has lived their life worshiping a passionless world.

The Average Bureaucrat, by Salvador Dali

The Average Bureaucrat, by Salvador Dali

My dear comrade, there is a different world, but it is difficult to believe in when you have been crushed by the policeman of unquestioning bureaucracy who wants your money, your time, your energy, and for what, exactly?  Where does your energy go when it goes into a world devoid of an idea or passion?

I will tell you, your energy goes into constructing a world that is no world at all, but more like the darkest nightmare ever imagined.  And how did we get into this nightmare?  And I will tell you the answer to this too: this nightmare was created by those who fear an infinite passion unleashed into our world like the sun that spreads its wings at dawn-break.  And this cowardly fear spreads too.  It is difficult to stop a dangerous virus and antidotes take time to administer.  It is these leaders of heartless and cowardly fear that convince us that this nightmare is acceptable, that it is so natural.  And, I know, it is easy to accept their claims for if you step out of line you are punished for your courage, for your quest!  Your passion for love is above all what threatens to undo their world paralyzed by fear.

And how do you know when this fear raises its ugly head?  Think about spreading love to others, to offer the oppressed a place of rest, to welcome the battered woman at a man’s hands the calm of safety and the assurance that they have a dignity that no man can beat out of them.  Think of the joy of working and how this joy is robbed from us by those who want us in cages, to be quiet, to long for nothing.  I tell you, my dear comrade, I tell you something.  I have experienced these dreadful beasts who don’t want to change the world.  I once began to teach love in a town by the sea.  And the ones who had me arrested were the very ones teaching the youth to just accept the world, to conform!

But there is another world, I have seen it, and it’s not too far from here; indeed it is as close to you as your heart’s desire. And that world is not only possible it is here amongst us now.  Let no policeman of the law of fear tell you otherwise.  Why trust them when their ways lack the virtue of courage, their vision is dimmed by the dark cloud that lingers above their heads.  Come we have a different world to make, you and me, hand in hand.


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