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GCAS Celebrates Michael D Wassell’s Life (Happy Birthday)

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.18.38 PMToday is Michael D Wassell​’s Birthday.  I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate his life.  Michael is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met.  We met last July. Our lives converged over our passion for the work and ideas of our President, Alain Badiou at a GCAS seminar.   And as we got to know each other we started to organize our school based on the vision to provide everyone with the highest quality education available, especially for those who couldn’t afford to relocate owing to their economic status; indeed GCAS makes education accessible from nearly everywhere on the planet!

Michael, and many others on the GCAS core organizational team, have devoted their lives to a destiny that believes that learning should be open, democratic and above all debt free (and eventually entirely free).  Some may think we’re too idealistic too utopian, but the reality is this miracle is working and it is because we have broken through the barrier of fear imposed on all of us.  By working together we break free from the destructive ideology in which we are all divided from each other out of fear.   The sad reality for us today is that many are suspicious when a collective vision like GCAS begins to form and makes decisive differences based on justice for the economically oppressed who could never study and learn from some of the best visionaries in the world.

Michael has been instrumental to our success; indeed without him and many others, I can honestly say, GCAS wouldn’t exist.  So today we celebrate a saint of love, a rebel for solidarity, and, to me, a genuine brother and comrade.  We have both confronted crushing tragedies in life and to carry on was just impossible.  But together we have found hope in a vision that gives life and through our sacrifice the possibility of love.

We LOVE you Michael and we thank you from our heart!

Creston Davis & The GCAS Team!

Here is Michael’s Birthday Wish which I pasted from his Facebook Page:

The best birthday present you ask (FYI-it’s my birthday wink emoticon )? Please donate $1-5 to GCAS- The Global Center for Advanced Studies-Providing a Future for Higher Education and Critical Thought! GCAS has so much to offer and we have a very dedicated group of volunteers doing all of our work; with some small donations we can move even more quickly towards providing many more of the same world class courses that have already been offered. I appreciate all the birthday wishes and hope you will all consider a small donation to support debt free education; and the GCAS movement itself-a movement towards social and economic justice for ALL, addressing the most pressing and important issues of our time with the best thinkers, theorists, philosophers, and artists in the WORLD! Follow the link to give, not me, but the future a birthday present-the gift of education for all and a more just world!

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