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Plato & Hypatia Join GCAS, Karl Marx to Guest Lecture

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) is pleased to announce that Plato & Hypatia have joined our faculty.

Although it may look like he's giving the finger to his enemy, we assure you he's not.

Although it may look like he’s giving the finger to his enemy, we assure you he’s not.

After contemplating the idea for several months, Plato has agreed to join GCAS under the condition that he teach only in the Olive Grove in Athens in the shadow of Athena’s temple, the Parthenon.  We will be trying to procure an internet source as soon as possible.  Plato said, “I am pleased to be joining GCAS, and look forward to teaching again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve taught last, but am glad to see my ideas continue to mean something after many centuries.”



Hypatia, considered a genius in mathematics and philosophy too will be joining our faculty and teaching from Egypt where she continues to be hiding out from the Christian mob that continues to hunt her down after accusing her of exacerbating a conflict between two prominent figures in Alexandria: the governor Orestes and the Bishop of Alexandria.

Karl Marx will be guest lecturing on his new work, Die Inneren Widerspruche der Accelerationism.

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