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Democracy Rising: Hotel & Travel Information




The Following is a list of places to stay during the conference.  These are just suggestions.  Apart from Hotels you may also wish to try Airbnb, Athens which can be found at this LINK.


(Σε όλα τα ξενοδοχεία υπάρχει ασύρματη σύνδεση internet καθώς και πρωινό αμερικάνικου τύπου)

  • Athens Odeon Hotel


45 € δίκλινο ανά διανυκτέρευση.

  • President Hotel



ΔΙΚΛΙΝΑ:   73€


  • Athinais Hotel


60 € το δίκλινο

  • Astor Hotel


Τιμή ειδική για μονόκλινο 114,00 ευρώ

Τιμή ειδική για δίκλινο 118,00 ευρώ

Τιμή ειδική για τρίκλινο 137,00 ευρώ

Τιμή ειδική για τετράκλινο 150,00 ευρώ

  • Athens Areos Hotel


85,00 € το δίκλινο

  • Stratos Vassilikos Hotel


73€ το δίκλινο

Στην τιμή περιλαμβάνονται: Γυμναστήριο , Χαμάμ, Σάουνα, δωρεάν παρασκευή καφέ και τσάι μέσα σε όλα τα δωμάτια

  • Alexandros Hotel


64,00€ το δίκλινο (δωρεάν παρασκευή καφέ και τσάι μέσα σε όλα τα δωμάτια)

  • Parthenon Hotel


101€ το δίκλινο (δωρεάν παρασκευή καφέ και τσάι μέσα σε όλα τα δωμάτια)

  • Athens Cypria Hotel


Μονόκλινο          85 ευρώ

Δίκλινο                 104 ευρώ

Τρίκλινο               138 ευρώ

  • Radisson Blu Park Athens


Standard room (double or twin use) € 135,00

Rate includes : free use of fitness center and open air pool . 

  • Art Gallery Hotel


 – Standard 2κλινα (εσωτερικά μπάνια): 80 euros / διανυκτ.

– Δωμάτιο 2κλινο με εξωτερικό ιδιωτικό μπάνιο (δίπλα στο δωμάτιο): 70 euros / διανυκτ.

  • Titania Hotel Athens


85€ το δίκλινο

 Directions from the Airport to Downtown Athens

Athens is a city designed for public transportation.  Getting from the International Airport to Athens is very easy and cost effective.  If you take the Metro (train) it will only cost you 8 Euros.  Here is a list of different ways to accomplish your trip.

You can travel to Athens downtown (University of Athens) by the following means:

By Taxi

You can pick up a taxi from the arrivals level between Exit 2 and Exit 3. A fixed fare applies for the route “Athens airport  – Athens centre” and vice versa:

– Day time (05:00-24:00)    35 euro
– Night time (24:00-05:00) 50 euro

By Metro

The metro is available between 06:30 in the morning till 23:30 in the evening. It lives from Athens airport metro station every 30 minutes. The trip from Athens airport to the centre of Athens (Syntagma station) takes 40 minutes.

Departure times: 06:33, 07:03, 07:33, 08:03, 08:33, 09:03, 09:33, 10:03, 10:33, 11:03, 11:33, 12:03, 12:33, 13:03, 13:33, 14:03, 14:33, 15:03, 15:33, 16:03, 16:33, 17:03, 17:33, 18:03, 18:33, 19:03, 19:33, 20:03, 20:33, 21:03, 21:33, 22:03, 22:33, 23:03, 23:33.

There are different types of tickets:

  • Ticket for one person (one-way): 8 Euro
  • Ticket for one person (with return): 14 Euro
  • Ticket for 2 persons (one-way only): 14 Euro
  • Ticket for 3 persons (one-way only): 20 Euro
  • Reduced ticket (students age 25-, age 6-18, age 65+): 20 Euro
  • Children up to 6 years old: Free

By Bus

Route X95: Syntagma – Athens Airport

Use this bus if you would like to go the Athens centre (Syntagma square). Many ancient monument are in a walking distance from here: Acropolis and Parthenon, Acropolis museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Market and much more.

From Syntagma square you can catch a taxi to anywhere in Athens within reasonable fares. Also, many hotels are located near Syntagma square such as: Athens Plaza, Electra Hotel, Amalia hotel, Hermes Hotel, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens Cypria, Esperia Palace, Athens Center Square, Cecil Hotel, Plaka Hotel, Athens Way, Titania Hotel….

You may also like to try out these other hotel options:  Accommodation in Athens.


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